The Wines

The wines are transparent and testify to the imprint of a landscape.

We want our wines to be as natural as possible, following biodynamic criteria and expressing the identity of our territory. We use our own yeasts, avoid unnecessary adding in the process and give each wine an individualized treatment. We do not clarify or filter. Depending on the annual conditions, we decide the wines to be produced, which can be very different year after year.

White wines

Rabassa 18

Macabeu, picapoll and malvasia
(skin-contacte wine from century-old vines)

Piotxa 18

Macabeu and pansera
(skin-contact wine, elaboration in buried amphores)

Escadolles 17

Macabeo and pansera
(from our “escadolles” vineyard)

Rusc 19

100% Torbat

Red wines

Curull 18

Sumoll, mandó, bartrol, garrut and garsenc

(fermented in a stone cube)

Biot 17

Sumoll, bartrol and mandó

(fermented in a stone cube)

Corsai 17

100% Sumoll

Llampat 19

Sumoll, picapoll and malvasia

(fermented in a stone cube)

Rosé wines

Sucamulla 18

Bartrol, sumoll, mandó,
garsenc and garrut

Orange wines

Tinoi 17

Pansera and macabeu

(fermented in a stone cube)

Sweet wine


100% Pansera