Who are we?

Celler Vinyas d’Empremta is a family project, created spontaneously by Isidre and his two children, Gerard and Berta, and whose main objective is to identify and raise awareness of a territory through the vineyard and the wine.

Isidre began his work on the vineyard two decades ago. After many years in competitive sports, Isidre was looking for a turning point to occupy his free time and started working among vines.

In addition to hiking and photography, Isidre made the vineyard his new hobby. On the one hand, the weekend excursions make him a good connoisseur of the surrounding territory. On the other hand, the vineyard brings calm and peacefulness, satisfaction and connection with nature. Alone, he started to produce wines for its own consumption. Year after year, his dedication to the vineyard increased and, thanks to the collaboration of professionals and friends, he improved his technique in the vineyard and in the winery.

Gerard, his eldest son, has been formed as a Technical Engineer but has vocational agricultural and farming skills. Gerard is passionate about the land in all its meanings. He lives and feels it like no other, he is entirely committed with nature.

8 years ago, Gerard decided to make the vineyard his hobby too and since then he has spent most of his free time there. He has been trained in different areas of fieldwork (virtuous pruning, ecology and biodynamics) to be able to carry out his own ideas. Father and son began to share hours in the vineyard, experiences and excitement to start a project for the future, a long-distance race that they travel with passion and devotion.

Their involvement goes far beyond wine production. They also work to preserve the local varieties of the area, to recuperate terraces and cultivated areas and to discover and maintain ancient wine heritage, such as stone cubes, plate presses and other centuries-old elements that make up a footprint and a landscape.

The last vertex of the triangle is Berta. Berta obtained a Degree in Engineering of Construction, but just after her Degree she began to let a hand to the family and then felt that the world of wine is also for her. Then, she decided to train properly and got the Certificate in Viticulture offered by the School of Oenology and Viticulture Mercè Rossel i Domènech In Espiells, El Penedès. Berta brings the necessary theoretical knowledge and experience to the winery, as she has collaborated with other renowned wineries

El celler
El celler


We love and respect nature.

To cultivate the vineyard, we follow a strict sustainable process. We look for harmony between the vineyard and the environment and do not use abrasive products on the land. We work in a natural and balanced way to protect the biodiversity of the soil, plants and all the animals that live there.

The work we do in the winery is directly identified with what we do on the vineyard. We firmly believe that the best wine comes from the best grapes, so when it comes to making, we interpret and apply the “let go” thus keeping the essence of the product.

That is why we want our wines to reflect this philosophy in the best possible way.