The Territory

Where are we?

Navàs is a village located in the northern part of Bages county, next to Berguedà, formed geologically in the Tertiary period. It is an area of ​​semi-mountainous orography, with detrital rocks and a base of sandstones and shales that form sandy soils. It is a land of contrasts, with a violent climate and shallow soils, features that mark a special landscape called “Replans del Berguedà”.

Our ancestors shaped the territory suitable for vineyard and left an immense historical footprint: dry stone walls that limit the terraces, vineyard huts, stone cubes and presses, among others. We want to maintain and recover that unique landscape.

The Vineyard

The vines are located in different areas of the coasts of Vilafresca, spread over many small and morphologically diverse terraces of different orientations, so they require specific and individual work.

Some of the vines are ancestral, planted in the early twentieth century. Other vines are recovered and others are newly planted. Most of them have native varieties of natural selection left by our ancestors, so we think it is appropriate to preserve them.

The grape varieties

As for the white grape varieties, we find vines such as Macabeo, Picapoll, Pansera, Turbat, Argensela, Fumat, Pansera Primarenca, Malvasia de Segarra and Pasquina.

Regarding the “rosé” varieties, we find the Red Malvasia.

Regarding the red varieties, we find Sumoll, Bartrol, Mandó, Garrut, Garsenc, Cap Negre, Trobat Negre, Refilat, and others such as Parets, Parraleta and Aramó.

There are some varieties that we do not vinify, but we preserve them so that they do not disappear.